History and Legend

In August 1648 Miguel Mañara married Mrs. Jerónima María Antonia Carrillo de Mendoza and Castrillo, Lady of the Mayorazgo of Montejaque and Benaoján. They built the Mañara Palace as their residence where they spend the summer season. After his wife past away, without offspring, on September 17, 1661, at the age of 33 and buried in the Church of Santiago in front of the current hotel, Miguel entered a period of deep personal reflection, even raised Enter religious life. He retired to a Carmelite hermitage in a hidden valley of the Serranía de Ronda at two leagues from Montejaque. This building was converted into a hotel in 1997 and maintains the facade and the original floor plan; The family coat of arms has been placed at the top of the main entrance.
Don Miguel dedicated the rest of his life to charity, perhaps regretful of his adulterous and carefree life. He died on May 9, 1679. He is credited with being Zorrilla’s inspiration for his Don Juan Tenorio. In the myth and legend he created, they tell us: “On the occasion of leaving Mañara from a house where he had correspondence, in disgrace of the night, he found the venerable saying to one of those who went with him who was the deceased and replied that Miguel Mañara, from what turned out to give him an accident that when he recovered he went home and began an exemplary life “.
In his will he states that in his grave the legend is inscribed: “Here lie the bones of the worst man in the world. Pray to God for him”.

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Mount Hacho Slopes

El Hacho is the most emblematic mountain of Montejaque and one of the most spectacular of the Serranía de Ronda, not for its height (1,072 m.) But for the majesty of its eastern front of more than a kilometer in length and its elevation of vertical walls with more than 200 meters high.

Wine Testing

When thinking about wine, most people think of Rioja, Ribera de Duero … but Ronda? Yes, Ronda, D.O. Sierras de Málaga. The wise rondeños, although they are not the most famous for their vintages, created a variety of delicious wines that they preferred to keep for themselves. Currently for you.

Escarihuela Route

This route corresponds to the first section of the oldest road and with the shortest distance between the town of Montejaque and the city of Ronda. It is an ascent by escarihuelas, called the “steps of the port”, which leads to a large plain and from where you can see the City of the Tajo.
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